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Best Ever Beauty Hacks- By JSK


Beauty Hacks which Genius and Lazy people both can apply


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Products which we brought from store may be more convenient but they typically come with host of chemicals which harm our skin, which creates irritation and lot of skin problems in long term. So it’s better to use natural ingredients which helps to remove makeup as well as increase our naturally beauty.

some of the best ever tips are..


1) OIL – COCONUT / ALMOND (PURE) / OLIVE Image result for coconut oil almond oil olive oil                                                                                                As oil is good for hair it is too good for our skin too.  Oil will not only you help to remove your makeup but  it will also moisturize your skin, As after applying makeup our skin gets dry, due to such harsh chemicals. So it very much required to moisture your skin.





2) MILK   Image result for milk         

Milk gives amazing result for our skin. With the help of milk and cotton ball we can remove makeup as well as it will glow our skin naturally.                                            If your skin is very dry then mix some drops of olive oil into milk and then dip cotton ball into it. And then rub it all over your face.Then rinse your face with lukewarm water.

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3) HONEY       

                                                                                                       Honey doesn’t help you in only removing makeup but also work as a best ever face cleanser. It helps to make skin feel smooth and soft. Take some amount of honey and apply it all over your face gently. And after 5 – 10 minutes wash it with cold water.




4) ALOE VERA AND HONEY Image result for aloe vera and honey

 Aloe Vera and honey both helps in nourishment of the skin and helps to remove away the impurities which we get from makeup. Whether we our using high quality cosmetic products then also due to chemicals regular usage of such products will seriously harm your skin. To overcome from that impurities we need to use natural ingredients. Combine Aloe Vera and honey in equal proportion in a bowl and mix well and make a paste. Use some of the mixture and massage it for removing makeup.

For better result you can add 2 tablespoon of oil ( coconut, almond , olive ) into mixture and mix it nicely.

  For any query comment below in the comment section. Do visit our page regularly for best ever remedies.

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