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In the time to come mobile applications or apps are likely to gain popularity over mobile advertising. The advantage of apps is that brand can create applications that are in line with the proposition of the brand. For example, Red Bull associates itself with the belief of “high energy” through caffeine and other ingredients. Its association with extreme adventure sports has strengthened over the years. Hence consumers associates the cognitive belief of providing high energy and the affective(emotional) aspects of the thrill of adventures(even the experience of seeing such visuals) with the brand. Keeping in line with these conceptions, Red Bull launched it’s gaming app, Kart Fighter.

Similarly, a brand like Cafe Coffee Day(CCD)- known for it’s association with friendly groups, associations, and hangouts- is likely to strengthen such associations with the mobile applications Four Squares that provides the locations of restaurants and the presence of friends within a locality.  Coca-Cola “happiness” proposition can be strengthened by applications that provide happiness through group contests and togetherness. The fundamental difference between the traditional approach of advertisement or marketing communication and the contemporary usages of mobile application is the involvement levels associated with the usage of the mobile applications by consumers. In the traditional process, the brand’s overall association(or schemas as it is referred to by concepts cific brand. The mobile application approach  creates a ritual and repetitive process by which the brands becomes a part of the cycle associated with consumer usages of the app. The conative (or action-related part of the attitude) associated with “intention to buy the brand” can be converted “intention to use app” of the brand. Such an approach adds to the behavioral loyalty associated with the brand.

As the market becoming volatile and it become important for the marketers to understand the importance of consumers attitude and behavior, so that they can create difference.

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