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Social campaign, “an initiative for road accident prevention”


Maruti Suzuki’s latest ad campaign ‘PehniKya’ rolled out a nation wide social campaign to create awareness in order to prevent the loss of precious lives. India is at the top in terms of road accidents in the world. According to the recent Ministry of Road transport and highways surveyed data people not wearing seat belts resulted in 5,638 fatalities during 2016. By this social campaign, company aims to create awareness and promote usage of seat belts among drivers and passangers through this campaign.

The TVC for #pehnikya? shows a kids stopping his father from driving his car until he puts on his seat belt. TVC is currently being played across major television channels in India.

The creative for the print ads is simple, fact based and striking, while evocative radio spots are designed to break myths around the usage of seat belts and highlights the importance of seat belts as a safety device.

R.S Kalsi, senior executive director of Maruti Suzuki, says, Seat belt is one of the most effective safety equipment in a car. Studies by (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), USA, show that if an occupant is not wearing a seat belt in a vehicle equipped with airbags, the airbags may actually cause more harm in the event of a crash. With the new safety regulations, more cars in India will come equipped with airbags. This makes the usages of seat belts even more critical. Our surveys shows that seat belt usages in India is as low as 25%.  Through this campaign, we aim to encourage car occupants to wear seat belts.

#Pehnikya,- Conceived by happy mcgarry bowen, a unit of Dentus Aegis Network- focuses on driving theis behavior change among car users in India. The 360- degree integreated campaign by Maruti Suzuki has been created for print, TV, radio, and digital.

P.M Praveen Das, Chief creative officer and managing director of Happy Mcgarry bowen says Maruti Suzuki has been doing stellar work in the area of road safety. We were very happy to work on the latest campaign on seat belts initiative. This initiative is shown through a film of few minutes which captures the simple emotion of love of son for his father.

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