Customize your own Live Case for your smartphone with google!

A complete new series of Nexus Cases has been launched by Google for your Nexus smartphones.These cases are pretty much different from what you have ever seen.These are termed as Live cases.These cases can actually interact with your phone.You can customize the case with an animated wallpaper.There is also button on the case which will allow users to launch a specific application.

Image credit:Google

At present these cases are available for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P. Cost of these cases are 35$ each.These cases are not available in all the countries.Now Nexus is giving its user more and more reasons to buy their products.

These cases do not have variety in sense of its style.It comes in only one physical design.But it provides you a handful of customization that no other case can give you.You can print your favorite photo or your favorite location on map.Further you can customize these photos with many filters and color schemes.The filters you make on the photos and wallpapers will affect your case wallpaper.