YouTube launches Smart Offline feature in India which will save your money while downloading videos!

One of the world’s largest video streaming platform is providing a new feature for India and other developing countries.This is an advanced version of the offline feature rolled out by YouTube in 2014 which helped users to save videos to their offline library and watch whenever they want.Now this feature is getting smarter.Users can now queue up the videos to download it overnight when many carriers offer discounted data.

Offline feature of YouTube┬áis its one of the best feature which allows users to watch their favorite videos anytime.With the new Smart Offline feature now you don’t have to think much about the data charges.It uses the advantages of lower data rates provided by several carries during the non-peak hours.Users do not have to wake up late night to manually download the videos.Tapping on the new grey button will bring up a prompt letting users download immediately or ‘save overnight’.Save Overnight options offers users an option to schedule video downloads.

This feature works only on cellular networks not over WiFi. Initially this feature is rolling out for Airtel and Telenor users. Airtel ranks first and Telenor ranks eighth provider by subscriber count in India. YouTube is also planning to roll out this feature to all mobile networks in India.This feature is of course in the mobile app only.

“Many mobile operators already offer discounted data and promotions to their subscribers,for the Internet during late night hours.Today,we’re beginning to roll out a feature called Smart Offline on YouTube that lets you take advantage of these cheaper data rates as offered by your mobile operator,without requiring you to stay up late at night,”claimed the company.To use this feature users need finally to update their application.