Microsoft agrees to buy LinkedIn with a huge cash money!

One of the most advanced technology giant Microsoft surprised the world with its LinkedIn acquisition.Both the companies announced that that they have entered into a definite agreement under which Microsoft will acquire LinkedIn for $196 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at $26.2 billion which will also include LinkedIn’s net cash.Now the surprising factor is the huge cash money but the curious question that is wandering is that why Microsoft wants LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has 433 million members and more than two million paid subscribers.Microsoft also has alone 1.2 billion office users but it needs Facebook and LinkedIn like social platform to connect socially. Nadella said that LinkedIn is how people find jobs,build skills,sell,market and get their lot more professional works done.

So Now LinkedIn will provide immediate and direct access to Microsoft to about 500 million members. LinkedIn will be the central professional profile that will be connected in apps like Outlook,Skype,Office and even Windows itself.Microsoft wants to turn LinkedIn profiles into a central identity.This will connect professionals to each other through shared meetings,notes,and email activity.

Further Microsoft added that LinkedIn will have the same CEO and will maintain its distinct brand,independence and culture.

LinkedIn was officially launched on May 5 2003 but was started in 2002.Since than it has seen 19% growth year on year.And it is likely to have more growth and advancement under the company Microsoft.So now be ready to get used to LinkedIn more and more in the upcoming future!