LG smartphone with new wireless charging standard reportedly ready to launch, works at up to 7 cm distance

LG one of the leading electronics company which not only provides household electronics products but also a smartphone. And once again its going to prove its technology to be the best.
LG is soon to launch smartphone that will have a wireless charging. I know its not an interesting news but the real news is something else. Actually the wireless charging which it is going to launch will have wider range up to 7 cm. Yes it means that you can charge your smartphone while using your smartphone 7 cm away from charger. Isn’t it interesting? Yes it is.

Business Korea reports that LG has just completed development on a new smartphone that will adopt another wireless charging standard that offers a few key advantages over Qi. Magnetic resonance wireless charging, which we haven’t seen on many devices yet, offers a wider range between charger and receiver- up to 7 cm. While that isn’t enough to use the device during charging, it is enough to allow the use of other form factors for charging-like the weird bow; we once saw from Intel at CES.

We are also waiting for LG product t be launched for testing its quality hoping that it will upgrade the technology as it usually does.