Read this before buying OnePlus 3!! It will help you to take the right decision!

OnePlus 3

Yes the title of this post is true. If you are planning to buy OnePlus 3 then this post is for you.
Android is one of the most widely used mobile OS which is having a lot of feature to make your life much easier. But the main problem which the android user experience is the lagging of smartphone. It is one of the basic problem which we all experience so we expect our smartphones to be highly configured.
OnePlus 3 is the another most awaited smartphone with 6 GB RAM. And we expect superb performance from OnePlus 3. If you are thinking this then this will make you sad.

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With 6GB of RAM under the hood you’d expect this phone to be an exception in a world of laggy Android smartphones with subpar performance, but that doesn’t seem to be the case just yet…
In recent video, Youtuber C4Tech compared the speed of his OnePlus 3 to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and results were pretty interesting.

Pic Credit: Android Central

Even with 4GB of RAM Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge win over Snapdragon 820 powered OnePlus 3 with 6GB of RAM.  Yes its true. For first round the Galaxy S7 Edge opens all 16 apps i n 1:01 meanwhile, the Oneplus 3 lags 10 seconds. Based on may points he compared both the phones. I will recommend you to watch this video.


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