Facebook rolls out one of the best update to messenger so far!

Facebook is now increasing its reach out to more and more people and with this new update now it may get more and more involved in your daily life.Facebook is rolling out its very much new feature through which users can send SMS text messages on android.Basically it now wants to be only messaging app that your phone have for chatting with your friends.So after passing through several levels of experiments now users can use Facebook Messenger too as their default messaging client!

As David Marcus(VP of messaging products at Facebook), this update doesn’t provide you with mere texting implementation. You can also send voice clips, stickers and also share your current location in addition to usual feature like photos and videos.

Now to remind you,this feature is not new to Facebook. The same idea was used but later dropped in the year 2013 as it did not get much attention.Early this year it again started to show but that was a mere test for small batch of users.

Users will see the SMS batch at the right of their profile tab.But this will only show up if you verify your mobile number with Facebook first.Verified users will show up a small purple icon with their own photo at the bottom right of the tab.There are also several option to customize this new feature.One of the most noticeable one is that you can make the messenger as the default messaging app.Users can also customize several different colours for different chat threads.But this feature does not show in the messaging feature yet.

Facebook seems to have copied several feature that the Hangouts is already providing but anyhow what Facebook wants is to be on everyone hands at every time.So is this new feature rolled out.This feature is launched initially in several countries but will surely be rolled out to more countries.At present this feature is only for android, there are no signs of it on iOS.