China builts World’s fastest supercomputer till date

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China recently produced the fastest supercomputer in the world to defeat its own previous supercomputer named Tianhe-2.Its more of a kind that the Chinese technology regarding supercomputers has become more advanced as it defeats its own previous world’s fastest supercomputer.This machine has been named as the Sunway TaihuLight.

The Sunway TaihuLight is twice as fast the previously known fastest supercomputer.The microchips used in this machine are totally Chinese made instead of the Sillicon Valley’s Intel chips.This surely points out to reducing the technology gap between US and China as since China does not use any US based company’s chips to the machine.But it does use the US made optical network technology that is use to connect the miccroprocessors. As for now China has been also ranked the number one if it comes to numbers of supercomputers.It a step ahead of US as it has 167 compared to 165,the survey says.So actually is a two way lead,quantitatively and qualitatively!But still IS dominates China when it comes to top 20 supercomputers as US has 10 of them.

Out of the ten fastest supercomputers,China has the first two,four with US and others are in Germany,Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.The Sunway supercomputer is based on 10.6 million processor cores spread across 40,960 microprocessors that work together.These processors are relatively slow when talked individually.This Sunway can execute processes 58 million times faster than the iPad 2.

The machine costed $270 million which was totally government funded.This kind of supercomputers are mainly used to solve several complex data quantities and variables.As for US,Mr.President has already announced the work on the supercomputer which will be 10 times faster than the present machine in the coming decade.So there is a lot to go on between these two technology giants.