Microsoft about to launch this new tech to trap mosquitoes!

The all time Technology giant Microsoft is testing its new trap to avoid Mosquitoes partnering with several officials in Harris county. The Houston area in US will be the first community to use this technology.There is not at all any push from the World Health Care unit but the one company which is best known for software and technology applications.

The new mosquitoes trap device will work on fighting several diseases like Zika caused the mosquitoes.The health officials in Harris county,Texas believe that this technology will help them to fight several infectious diseases.The device observes distinctive profiles to determine the species of insect before trapping it.It also monitors several activities of mosquitoes like how they flap their wings using profiling techniques.

“It is going to advance the field of mosquito control in a way that has not been done in this country”,said Umar Shah-the Executive Director of Public Health.The officials from Harris county reported that this project is a giant leap forward in technology to track disease-carrying mosquitoes.The director of Harris County Public Health’s mosquito control division, Mustafa Debboun,claimed the tech to be 1,000 times better.

The trapping device will help in identifying specific breed of mosquitoes and record when a mosquito entered it.Now when a disease carrying mosquito enters the trap,an alert will be automatically sent to the Harry County’s health officer.There are 64 smart cells in the trap.The trap sits on a tripod emitting Carbon Dioxide gas which is known to attract mosquitoes.As soon as a mosquito is trapped by the device,a ray of infrared light shines on the mosquito and reflect back.The reflected light will help to know the breed of mosquito.If desired mosquito is detected the spring loaded door will automatically slam shut.If there is no mosquito of interest the door will remain open for the insect to fly out.

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The device will get more smart as it works.It will also determine several other conditions like temperature,light,humidity etc to get more information on mosquito breed.It will be great relief to people as it will help them save from several diseases caused by insects.