Microsoft pays a women $10,000 for automatic installation of Win10 on her system!  

Microsoft has been recently pushing its update to latest windows to those users running windows 7 or 8.This process has been rather aggressive as one gets automatic update to win10 and more number of reminders.Many users have already complained on this aggressive installation strategy.Finally one person actually got some resolution regarding this.Teri Goldstein,owner of a travel agency in California,claimed that her computer running on windows 7 had automatically got update to windows 10 without her permission which made her system unstable.

After the automatic installation of windows 10,her pc got malfunctioned and stopped working.Consequently it led to loss in her business.Apparently she sued Microsoft for loss in her business and compensation for her damaged computer.Finally she won the case and and Microsoft decided to pay her $10,000.The Seattle Times reported that Goldstein’s computer had slowed to a crawl after the update and Microsoft support service had not fixed the problem.She said that nobody ever asked her to update to windows10,in fact she never heard of it.

Many people have not got the update to install on their system as their older version of some hardware do not support the newer windows.In February the company bundled the update and mad it recommended one,which means it would automatically download and install on the system.There have been several complaints since the company started this aggressive style of update.But Microsoft claimed that these complaints will go away from next month.

source:Seattle Times