Microsoft:New Anniversary update coming to Win10 on Aug 2 with a lot more enhancements

Microsoft announced the Windows 10 upgrade to be free till July 29 for all users running Win7 and 8.1 in across 190 nations.Since then 350 million users have got their systems updated.Microsoft also confirmed the same when it announced the new major update coming to Windows 10:The Anniversary Update.It will introduce new features like Windows Ink,Cortana improvements and Edge Browser extensions

Recently at the Build 2016,Microsoft announced that an Anniversary Update is coming at the end of this summer.Now the same has been confirmed on August 2,a little over one year after release of Windows 10.To remind you Windows 10 first debuted on July 29,2015.This update will be delivered to users as same as the initial Win 10 update and will install automatically on its own.

With the new update to Win 10 now users can interact more better with Cortana,the Microsoft Virtual Assistant.Now Cortana can take your commands more frequently without unlocking the screen.You can ask to play music,and several other questions even if your screen is locked.Cortana can also now remember more number of stuffs making your work even more easier.

Several new enhancements will also be released for the Edge Browser including browser extensions.In particular,the Edge browser will get support to biometric logins which may enable fingerprint logins to several websites!

Another new feature Windows Ink will provide users virtual notepad to doodle,sketch or scribble down your notes without use of any app.Finally it will make users write their notes more easily on touch screen enabled laptop or tablets.

These are only a few of the updates coming to Win 10.Other updates includes security enhancements, better Xbox integration,Windows Hello and many more.

Microsoft has not yet announced the price of Windows 10 but it is confirmed to be free only till 29 July before the new Anniversary update.One does not need to wait for that date.If you want these new features in your machine before the official release you can get it through Insider program:which gives new builds to Windows 10 prior to its release to customers.