Social robots: Open source project programmable by everyone

LuxAI’s robot with Aida Nazariklorram, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. Pouyan Ziafati, founder and CEO
Image courtesy of Université du Luxembourg

As we all know our technology are evoloving day by day and some how its upgrading itself and our lifestyle too. This is what we expect from AI(Artificial Intelligence) today. Before this we were having AI based softwares, search engines, later it came into cars resulting in self driving car and now it is in the form of robots. Yes and they are called as social robots.

Social robots can be used in educational or health system, where they would support trainers and therapists in their work. The robots can be programmed to practice vocabulary with children or to make rehabilitation exercises with stroke patients.
The startup LuxAI was created a research project at the Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) of the University of Luxembourg. The business model of LuxAI is developing a robot which will be called as Social Robots. Such robots will be user friendly and can be used in educational or health system where they would help therapist or support trainers in their work.

The heart of every robot is software this is the thing which makes the robot work on our commands. They can be programmed for any purpose and its open for everyone. You too can porogram it based on your priorities and necessity. LuxAI’s social robot is based on so-called Robot Agent Programming Language, which Ziafati designed for his doctorate and adapted to the needs of social robots. Such programming, however accessible to IT experts only.
“Social robots will never replace qualified personnel — but they can support them, since they have unlimited time and can take over routine tasks,” says Ziafati.