Google buys Orbitera, a platform for cloud marketplaces

Cloud is among one of the fastest growing and demanding technology. World’s top most Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo invested a lot. And again the news came from Google for buying Orbitera.
Google today announced another acquisition that will help the company improve how it competes against Amazon’s AWS, Salesforce and Microsoft in the area of enterprise services, and specifically selling enterprises services in the cloud:it has acquired Orbitera, a startup that developed platform for buying and selling cloud-based software.

Terms of the deal was not disclosed but according to Techcrunch the deal was of $100 million.
“This acquisition will not only improve support of software vendors on Google Cloud Platform but also provides customers with more choice and flexibility in today’s multi-cloud world,”Google said in a statement.
The startup says its focus is on providing four (end-to-end) aspects of building cloud marketplaces. It looks like Google will continue to operate that business on behalf of existing users, and maybe to help out its own marketplace for cloud services on its cloud platform.