Reliance Jio’s 4g services give you true speed of over 20 Mbps with unlimited data,calls and messages!

Reliance has finally commercially launched its most awaited 4g services named as Jio.This service comes with the new Lyf smartphones.The services includes whooping plan of unlimited high speed internet usage plans,unlimited calls and sms services.

Users can enjoy this high speed services from reliance with the Jio 4G sim.The Jio sim cards bundled with Lyf smartphones will provide users free unlimited high speed 4g data package for the first three months from registering.The services also include 4,500 minutes of voice calls for initial three months of usage.Apart from these plans there is also a unlimited sms plan.The offer also bundles about 1,500 minutes of free VoLTE calls and access to some premium Jio services.

Whenever it comes to unlimited plan, users always think of the speed.With the new Jio services users will get over 20 Mbps.This is not just on paper record but it is also tested and proven!The speed will be same and continuous throughout,irrespective of the data downloaded.At present it seems some catch here as the sim cannot be used with all the smartphones.But users can create a hotspot using the Lyf Smartphone to run internet on other devices.

Reliance Jio is creating most extensive and future proof networks in India.It is also supposed to be upgraded to 5G in the upcoming future.



  1. Really speed come 20mbps

  2. Really speed come 20mbps

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