Windows 10 is 4 times more popular than the Mac, reveals Apple


Microsoft is continuing to dominate the PC operating system market, seeing four times as many sales as Mac-based devices. The figures come from an unusual source: Apple. The company revealed the data while discussing its plans for future Mac products.

Despite all the complaints around the new MacBook pro, Apple says sales have been positive. Internet helped us to conclude that MacBook Pro sales grew 20 percent year-over-year in the latest financial quarter. Apple is now planning a new Mac Pro with a pro display, and updated pro iMac models. Apple’s updated Mac Pro won’t be available this year, but the company’s new iMacs should ship later this year.

The company seems to have committed to a new period of desktop innovation, although one popular Windows feature still remains out of bounds. Apple has confirmed it’s still not going to be offering touchscreens on laptops and desktops, insisting they’ve no place on this class of device.